About Us

Branded Real Estate Pte Ltd is a whole owned subsidiary of the TSA Group of Companies. TSA is Asia’s global leader in Sports content and branding solutions and has been operating in Asia for 18 years with offices across the region.

Branded Real Estate Pte Ltd incorporates a globally recognized brand into the property project, whether a luxury brand, sports brand or even Celebrity personalities as a brand. These brands can be integrated in various approaches, to best meet the needs of our clients and ultimately create a “STORY” for the project and an exciting new experience for the Consumer.

WE provide Branded Real Estate (BRE) consultancy to identify the right brands to match with your Real Estate project’s objectives and strategies. WE will review the design, marketing plan and identify the brands that would be most effective for your project and marketing strategy. WE will help in the creation of a “Story” for your development and in the process elevate your building to a whole new level and to an ICONIC positioning.

For more info on Branded Real Estate, please browse to www.brandedrealestate.com or email us at info@brandedrealestate.com



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